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Course Syllabus and Daily Lesson Objectives with Homework Assignments. (pdf)

Students: It is recommended you download Statdisk. Obtain the download at:  You may/can use this application on a regualr basis!

Computer Labs - SY 2017-18

Previous Labs / Problems

Typical Assessments

An Excel Spreadsheet (chart) for the Z Curve with probabilities.

Can Axial Load Excel Example

Central Limit Theorem Simulation (*.xlsx)

Heinen Spreadsheet Prob 26, Page 51 (PDF)

STD Binomial Analysis (PDF)

USA School Shootings Poisson Analysis (as of 11/2014)


Mr. Heinen's Appendix G from Master Thesis (Derivation of the number of permitations of n jobs on m machines) PDF

What's a PDF (probability density function) ?

What are Moments? (Power Point Presentation)

Link to a good description of moments

Some work on convolution of random variables.

Standard Error of the Mean vs n discussion and graph

A link to Ti-84 training movies: