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Math for the Liberal Arts

Course Description: Develops mathematical and problem-solving skills. Appropriate technological skills are included. Content is selected to highlight connections between mathematics and the society in which we live. Topics include set theory and logic, mathematical modeling, probability and statistical methods, and consumer mathematics. Additional content will include one topic in geometry, numeration systems, decision theory, or management science.  

Course Syllabus by Day. (PDF)

  1. Computer Lab 1 - Excel Basics
  2. Computer Lab 2 - The Mars Problem (view a general  solution)
  3. Computer Lab 3 - Die, Dice, Dart Lab
  4. Computer Lab 4 - COS Trucking Lab

A linear programming example

Sec 14.5 Linear Correlation Problem - Baby Weights

Change of Base Spreadsheet

Typical Past Exams and Assignments

Funeral Cost Data (excel file *.xlsx)

Funeral Cost Problem Statement (PDF)

Previous Computer Labs