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Algebra 1 - Part 2 - SY 2018-19

Class Rules and Expectations (PDF)

Notebook Requirements  (PDF)

1st Sem - Course Syllabus and and Assignments (PDF)

2nd Sem - Course Syllabus and and Assignments (PDF)

We study: Chapters 7 - 12 of the red algebra text

Computer lab examples are shown below:

Computer Lab 1 - Basic Excel Graphing

Computer Lab 2 - Mars Computer Lab

  - Download a General Solution for Mars Lab

Computer Lab 3 - US China ICBM

See Mr Heinen's Approved Solution

Computer Lab 4 - Budget Computer Lab.xlsx

                                   Budget Computer Lab Statement  pdf

Excel Quadratic Grapher-Root Solver

Some years' previous assignments:

Chapter 8 Take Home Test

Lab 1a - Basic Graphing

Lab 1b -Abner and Daisy Mae Problem

Lab 2a - Can Optimization Lab

Lab 2b - The Mars Problem

Lab 4 - Patriots Over Hawaii

Lab 3 - China vs USA (Patriot Lab)

China ICBM vs. US Patriot (PNG file)

China ICBM vs. US Patriot (Word.doc)

Some Computer Labs From Previous Years

Gaussian Reduction / Inverse Solver

Ballistics Program Set-Up