Problem 1: Bill invests $12,000 at 11.5% API while Jill invests $8,000 at 15% API. Assuming each investment is compound annually, at what year will each investment have equal value? Graph both functions to identify a solution.

Problem 2: A infectious bacterium reproduces (divides) every 4 hours (which works out to a growth rate r = 0.189 per hour). Assume no bacteria die/are destroyed during this infection. If your infection begins with 1200 bacteria:

Problem 3: You buy a new car for $35,000. If the car depreciates at a yearly rate of 25%, predict/calculate:


value after 5 yrs = __________

value after 10 yrs = _________

Problem 4: You have two investments A and B. At t = 0 years:

When will both investments be at the same value? Show both curves on the Cartesian and Semi-log graphs.